Like the sound of a simple anti-aging natural toner regime?

What’s the secret of youthful skin? The Alexandra Johns range blends scientifically proven active biological ingredients and Australian native extracts in rejuvenating anti-aging natural toner products that make you glow.

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It’s never too early – or too late – to start caring for your skin. The sooner you instigate a good anti-aging natural toner regime, the sooner you can look forward to beautiful skin forever – without any invasive cosmetic procedures.

Boost your complexion and your confidence with our ajELESSTM Care Routine. Brimming with natural Australian extracts, it repairs and rejuvenates your skin in as little as 10 minutes a day

Love your skin and be forever youthful with Alexandra Johns™

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Every woman deserves to feel beautiful.

But sometimes, you’re so busy working and looking after everyone else, your anti-aging natural toner routine can get neglected. So, we’ve devised a regime that’s easy to incorporate into your daily life and gives you an instant boost. Effective results mean radiant, youthful skin, a happier, more confident you, and feeling beautiful inside and out.

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What our clients love about anti-aging natural toner…

“The perfect products for my mature skin.”


“Living under the hot Australian sun can take its toll on your skin. I’d always loved being outdoors and by the time I was in my 60s you could really tell! Many anti-aging natural toner products promise the earth but do little. Alexander Johns is different. The moment I started using their wonderful natural products my face felt fresher, more youthful and radiant. Thank you, Alexander Johns.”

Tracy Knight – Burleigh Heads

anti-aging natural toner

How did Alexandra Johns begin? We’re a qualified beauty therapist and a doctor who have been seeing clients and patients in the realm of cosmetic medicine for over 30 years. So many individuals were seeking to improve their skin but didn’t know where to start. So, we combined our knowledge and expertise to formulate our own product range. What was our mission? To create Australian products for anti-aging natural toner that really works. And to help women feel youthful every day.

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anti-aging natural toner

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