What makes a good quality anti-aging natural serum product?

Natural, organic ingredients, highly potent anti-aging actives and Australian native extracts. That’s the youthful secret behind Alexandra Johns Australian-made anti-aging natural serum.

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It’s never too early – or too late – to start caring for your skin. The sooner you instigate a good anti-aging natural serum regime, the sooner you can look forward to beautiful skin forever – without any invasive cosmetic procedures.

Boost your complexion and your confidence with our ajELESSTM Care Routine. Brimming with natural Australian extracts, it repairs and rejuvenates your skin in as little as 10 minutes a day.

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anti-aging natural serum

Every woman should feel beautiful.


At Alexandra Johns, we believe all women deserve to feel beautiful.

And that’s inside as well as out. Because a radiant, youthful complexion boosts morale and positivity. We believe all women should make time for self-care, no matter how busy they are. Which is why we’ve devised an effective regime that takes only moments each day to deliver brilliant results. Stop searching for the perfect anti-aging natural serum routine: we’ve created it for you.

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“I’m getting my glow on now!”


I’d never given my skin that much thought, but after reading about anti-aging natural serum solutions I decided it was time to act. I tried the Alexander Johns regime and love it. I’m reaping the benefits of having a glowing complexion now, but I’m also giving my skin the best chance of looking good in the future. I might not intend to grow old gracefully, but I always want my skin to look the best it can be!

Tracy Knight – Burleigh Heads

anti-aging natural serum

People are fascinated by anti-aging natural serum, but they’re never sure what really works. This is what led to the creation of Alexander Johns. After 30 years of talking to clients and patients about their needs, a beauty therapist and a doctor working in the world of cosmetic medicine teamed up to develop natural, Australian-made skin care products that deliver real results in easy, daily doses.

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anti-aging natural serum