What makes a good quality anti-aging natural skincare product?

Natural, organic ingredients, highly potent anti-aging actives and Australian native extracts. That’s the youthful secret behind Alexandra Johns Australian-made anti-aging natural skincare.

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Harnessing the goodness of Australian native extracts

Your skin needs to be nurtured, whatever your age. In fact, the sooner you start, the more you’ll reap the benefits and are less likely to want invasive cosmetic procedures later in life. Give yourself a glowing complexion and a confidence boost with anti-aging natural skincare.

Rich in natural and organic ingredients, our Australian-made ajELESSTM Care Routine contains all that your complexion needs to repair and replenish itself in only 10 minutes a day. Look forward to dewy, radiant skin each morning.

Love your skin and be forever youthful with Alexandra Johns™

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anti-aging natural skincare

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Feeling beautiful is every woman’s prerogative.

No matter how busy you are, it’s crucial to make time for self-care. Alexander Johns has made that as seamless as possible with a simple regime, which takes only moments out of your day but delivers instant glowing results. If you’ve spent your life searching for a straightforward, highly effective anti-aging natural skincare routine, this could be your dream come true.

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What are customers saying about anti-aging natural skincare?

“I’m going with the glow!”


“I noticed my skin was looking jaded and lined, and wished I’d looked into anti-aging natural skincare sooner. However, the Alexander Johns range has shown me it’s never too late. After just a couple of weeks my complexion has transformed. People keep asking if I’ve been on holiday as I look so much healthier. My advice: don’t delay a minute longer. Choose Alexander Johns and go with the glow! ”

Tracy Knight – Burleigh Heads

anti-aging natural skincare

Alexander Johns was founded by a doctor and a beauty therapist working for more than three decades in the cosmetic medicine industry. After seeing so many patients and clients with an interest in anti-aging natural skincare who didn’t know which brands to trust, we knew we had to formulate our own. We’re committed to making products that work, that are easy for women to adopt into their busy lives, and that make them feel beautiful every day.

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anti-aging natural skincare

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