Forever youthful with anti aging cream for wrinkles that you can trust.

Our simple formula for skin that glows: products that perform 10 minutes of self care daily.

Looking and feeling good about your skin is about both the right products and giving your skin some love. At Alexandra Johns we’ve developed a range of natural Australian products that works using the right blend of active natural ingredients. We’re also passionate about educating you on the best way to use them to get a beautiful, ajELESS™ result.

Our Story

Hi we’re Alexandra and John, husband and wife team, and co-founders of Alexandra Johns. As a beauty therapist and doctor pursuing our interest in cosmetic medicine for over 30 years , it was our patients and clients who inspired us to create a range of skincare products that work.

We kept seeing women who didn’t feel good about their skin.

Their common complaints were that their skin was ageing, neglected, dehydrated and tired. Some of them were considering cosmetic procedures to feel better. So many of them told us they had tried so many products and routines and wasted lots of money with no results.

As a doctor working on cosmetic procedures and with a background in chemistry, John could see an opportunity to use the right combination of high-quality, active ingredients to get better results.

With a passion for skincare, Alexandra had been using her own 10-minute skincare routine for years. She continues to receive so many compliments on looking younger than her age (psst: in case you’re wondering, I’m well into my 60’s and proud to tell people that because I know how to take care of my skin .

It was over a glass of wine one night, talking about their clients’ and patients’ skincare frustration, that the idea for Alexandra Johns was born. Our passion is to share a range of products that really work, so every woman glows and feels good about their skin.

Working together with a cosmetic technician and cosmetic chemist, we created, tested (on humans, not bunnies) and refined a range of natural Australian products with the right blend of active ingredients that deliver replenishing, anti-ageing results.

Our wish for you is to wake up every day feeling beautiful with a natural glow. It’s time to give your skin some love, and Alexandra Johns is here to show you how.

We all deserve to feel beautiful in our own skin, every day.