What makes a good quality anti-aging natural skin care product?

Natural, organic ingredients, highly potent anti-aging actives and Australian native extracts. That’s the youthful secret behind Alexandra Johns Australian-made anti-aging natural skin care.

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No matter what your age – 20s, 40s, 60s and beyond – it’s never too soon to start loving your skin. Feeling good on the outside makes you happy on the inside. Knowing you’re taking anti-aging natural skin care measures to protect your complexion makes all the difference.

Our high-performance, Australian-made ajELESSTM Care Routine delivers plump, radiant skin in just 10 minutes a day. Forget invasive cosmetic procedures. Rejuvenation is just moments away.

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anti-aging natural skin care

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We believe feeling beautiful is every woman’s right.

But busy lives often mean self-care is neglected. That’s why at Alexandra Johns we’ve formulated easy-to-use products that achieve visible results. If you’ve been searching for effective anti-aging natural skin care products, you’ll love our timesaving, straightforward regime. Start using it today and get ready to glow, inside and out.

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“I hardly recognise myself these days”


“My skin was tired, dull and grey. When I looked in the mirror, I felt at least 10 years older. I knew I had to find an anti-aging natural skin care solution, but I didn’t want some complicated routine that I wouldn’t have time to stick to. Finding Alexander Johns was a dream. Within days, my skin was revitalised. I not only look but feel so much better!”

Tracy Knight – Burleigh Heads

anti-aging natural skin care

How did Alexandra Johns begin? We’re a qualified beauty therapist and a doctor who have been seeing clients and patients in the realm of cosmetic medicine for over 30 years. So many individuals were seeking to improve their skin but didn’t know where to start. So, we combined our knowledge and expertise to formulate our own product range. What was our mission? To create Australian products for anti-aging natural skin care that really works. And to help women feel youthful every day.

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anti-aging natural skin care