Grey Haired Lady

The Total Grey Package … haircare … skincare… makeup hints

If you have been to our sister site and  you’re going to commit to grey, the toil you save colouring your hair should be switched to skincare so the canvas you start with is perfect for your makeup.

Since grey hair tends to make your complexion appear dull. The best and simple solution to a  dull complexion is start with good skincare routine so you are in the right site for that look here at our ajELESSTM Care page:

Now for makeup hints:

Go for a light foundation that gives good coverage Blush. “Go for shades like apricot, peach, and rose—not beigy or tawny colours’, “They make your skin tone look muddy next to gray hair.” Use a liquid or cream blush for a youthful glow, rather than a powder kind that can leave skin looking dull. Most important of all … Groom your brows. Trim wayward hairs (grays tend to be wiry), and define your arches with a taupe pencil so they don’t disappear.