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How much product should I use ?

It doesn’t matter if you are searching for tips for skincare for 70s or skincare for 30s. The principles are the same.

Clients so often ask me, how much product do I use.  I don’t use enough or otherwise I use too much. I am wasting my products

Learning to use the right amount of product will ensure you will not waste your products by using too much but more importantly that they are effective!

The amount of skincare product you are using matters, the quality of your product matters. 

Over the years I have never found a science backed theory of how much product you should use, however we all think by using more of an active serum or a higher percentage of an active ingredient like Glycolic Acid and AHAs, I will get better results, and faster.

I hate to break the news but you won’t…. You are wasting your money.

If anything, using too much of these active ingredients are likely to result in irritation and redness or a severely impaired protective skin barrier. And a sad bank account from having to repurchase your products sooner than needed.

How much cleanser do I use?

By not using enough cleanser prevents you from removing your makeup, sunscreen and dead cells. By not cleansing properly with the right amount of cleanser will result in clogged pores and breakouts. As you cleanse twice a day it is important not to waste your cleanser.

If you use a gel or cream cleanser, you only need a hazelnut-sized amount. If your cleanser is a foaming one, you just need one pump of it massaged into the skin.

There is an exception to the ‘rule’ that is anti-acne cleansers or ones with high concentration of exfoliating ingredients (glycolic acid, fruit acids) such as our Ultra Exfoliating Cleanser created for acne, dull, uneven, sun damaged and aged skin. This can leave your skin dry & irritated if over-used due to the active properties. I recommend you alternate with our Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser of a morning.

How much Eye Serum do I use and how often?

There is no need to go overboard with your eye cream. If you feel tired and puffy in the morning don’t use too much eye cream. Gently bath your eyes with a cotton makeup pad and use refreshing eye drops. They will feel better and you won’t use all your Eye Serum looking for a quick remedy

Our ajELESS Eye Serum use ½ pump this will do both eyes. Pump on to your middle finger and blend. Using both middle fingers gently apply to both eyes see ajELESS Care.  If using a cream or gel use pea sized amount for each eye. Using too much eye cream can form milia (hard little white dots under the eye) or irritate your eye area. Eye creams and serums are usually expensive, so there is no point using more trying to get ‘better’ results.

How much Serum do I use and how often?

Illustris Active Serum I use 1 pump if you are using a cream blueberry size amount is all you need when it comes to your cream. I must confess I am heavy-handed with my serum because it just feels nice, but 1 pump is all your skin needs.

If you use more than this (especially with an active serum) over time, you can damage your protective skin barrier. Remember 2 things using less than these amounts, you won’t be using enough – making your product defunct and you will not get the results you should

How much Moisturiser do I use and how often?

Obviously, the main goal of any moisturiser or night cream is to keep your skin adequately hydrated, however, using more will not equal more hydration. Iuvenis Youth Day Cream use 1 pump. Illustris Intensive Night Cream ½ pump is all you need. Other creams measure this by another fruit size that is two raisins perfectly describes how much moisturiser you need to use.

The seasons change and can dry your skin out as well. During winter if my skin feels drier I use my Active Serum under my Youth Day Cream. If the cold really effects your skin use 1 pump of Active Serum under your Illustris Night Cream.