Stay smooth and radiant with expert anti-ageing night serum.

Whatever your age, taking good care of your skin is a daily essential. We want you to feel great about it and to manage your ritual with ease. That’s where our natural anti-ageing night serum comes in.

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However youthful or mature your skin is, it needs to be treated with tender loving care every day. We’ve devised simplified routines to make looking after your complexion a breeze. With dedicated use, you won’t even consider cosmetic procedures – now or anytime in the future.

Give your complexion a radiant boost with our Australian-made anti-ageing night serum. In combination with the Alexandra Johns ajELESS™ Care Routine. Just 10 minutes a day will bring you luminous, glowing, rejuvenated skin.

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anti-ageing night serum

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At Alexandra Johns, we believe all women deserve to feel beautiful.
Skin care is often the first thing to go when life becomes hectic. That’s why we created an anti-ageing night serum that works effectively with just a few minutes’ devotion each day. Enjoy real results with a hassle-free self-care routine. It’s time to glow.

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“My skin simply glows.”

“I love the Alexandra Johns anti-ageing night serum! It smells great without being overpowering and my skin simply glows. I finally know what soft, healthy skin should feel like and I’ll never go back to my old routine. I also love that it’s natural and gentle on my face – so easy to use every day.”

Laura Burton
Customer / Queensland

anti-ageing night serum

After more than 30 years working in cosmetic medicine, we decided it was time to help patients achieve great results with a quality product that works. We used our knowledge as a doctor and qualified beauty therapist duo to create a new, natural Australian skincare range through a new endeavour, Alexander Johns. Our anti-ageing night serum is a key product in the range, aimed at encouraging skin self-care and enhancing women’s confidence every day.

anti-ageing night serum