Lasting beauty with anti-ageing toner that works.

We developed our natural anti-ageing toner to give our customers skin they love. It’s quick and simple to apply and our natural formula contains gentle ingredients that work wonders on your skin.

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The Alexandra Johns ethos:

No matter whether you’re in your 20s or your 60s, you need to nurture your skin every day. We’ve streamlined skincare routines to make taking care of your complexion easy. Use the products correctly and you can wave a cheerful goodbye to any idea of invasive cosmetic procedures.

Target and smooth out fine lines with our natural, Australian-made anti-ageing toner. In just 10 minutes a day, in combination with our co-founder’s tried-and-tested ajELESS™ Care Routine, you can look forward to replenished, rejuvenated skin.

Love your skin and be forever youthful with Alexandra Johns™

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Our Ethos


All women have the right to feel beautiful.
It’s easy to neglect our skin when busy lives take over, but our Alexandra Johns anti-ageing toner has been carefully formulated to produce real results without hassle. Enjoy natural, active ingredients in simple to use products that can be slipped easily into a daily routine. Start giving your skin a fabulous new glow today.

Customer Love for anti-ageing toner

“Miracle skin cream!”

I have never had so many compliments about my skin that it is fresher and brighter!

“I discovered the Alexandra Johns anti-ageing toner about four months ago. I’m so glad I did. It’s given my complexion a new lease of life! It’s softer, smoother, less tired looking. I love using it, too. It has a clean, fresh fragrance – not overpowering like some products.”

Tracy Knight
Burleigh Heads

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As a doctor and qualified beauty therapist, we’ve been working in the cosmetic medicine industry for more than three decades. Our passion to create an Australian-made, natural and effective anti-ageing toner began when we realised how many dissatisfied patients were out there, wondering which products to trust. In answer, we created Alexandra Johns and began developing our, now popular, Australian skincare range. We advocate skin self-care so that our clients can gain confidence in their skin.

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