You deserve to feel radiant with anti-ageing gentle exfoliant cleanser.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in your 20s or your 60s, a good skincare regime is crucial. But for you to stick to a daily ritual, it needs to be quick, easy and a pleasure to use. Say hello to our soothing anti-ageing gentle exfoliant cleanser.

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However youthful or mature your skin is, it needs to be treated with tender loving care every day. We’ve devised simplified routines to make looking after your complexion a breeze. With dedicated use, you won’t even consider cosmetic procedures – now or anytime in the future.

Give your complexion a radiant boost with our Australian-made anti-ageing gentle exfoliant cleanser. In combination with the Alexandra Johns ajELESS™ Care Routine, just 10 minutes a day will bring you luminous, glowing, rejuvenated skin.

Love your skin and be forever youthful with Alexandra Johns™

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anti-ageing gentle exfoliant cleanser

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All women have the right to feel beautiful.
It’s easy to neglect our skin when busy lives take over. But our Alexandra Johns anti-ageing gentle exfoliant cleanser has been carefully formulated to produce real results without hassle. Enjoy natural, active ingredients in simple to use products that can be slipped easily into a daily routine. Start giving your skin a fabulous new glow today.

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“Fantastic results with zero problems”

“Having sensitive skin, it has always been difficult to find products with non-irritating active ingredients. Since using Alexandra Johns anti-ageing gentle exfoliant cleanser I’ve had fantastic results with zero problems!”

Regards Junee Dawe

anti-ageing gentle exfoliant cleanser

Alexandra Johns Skincare was born from a partnership of a beauty therapist and doctor with over 30 years’ experience in cosmetic medicine. Having met and treated many patients and clients who really wanted to improve their skin, but didn’t know how, we came up with a self-care solution they could trust. It’s natural, effective, made in Australia, a ritual they can carry out at home for everyday radiant skin. Our anti-ageing gentle exfoliant cleanser has proved a real winner.

anti-ageing gentle exfoliant cleanser

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