Rejuvenate your skin with anti-ageing cleanser.

We all need to love our skin, and that means looking after it every day. That applies whether we’re 20 or 60. But skincare regimes can be time-consuming and complicated. That’s why we’ve developed Alexandra Johns anti-ageing cleanser.

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At Alexandra Johns, we believe that:

Everyone can feel confident and beautiful, regardless of age. Effective skincare should be quick and easy and give lasting results that leave your skin glowing without the use of invasive cosmetic procedures.

We’ve taken the time to develop a natural anti-aging cleanser that leaves your skin looking healthier than ever. When you use it with our ajELESS™ Care Routine, you can revitalise your skin in only ten minutes each day.

Love your skin and be forever youthful with Alexandra Johns™

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anti-ageing cleanser

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All women have the right to feel beautiful.
It’s easy to neglect our skin when busy lives take over, but our Alexandra Johns anti-ageing cleanser has been carefully formulated to produce real results without hassle. Enjoy natural, active ingredients in simple to use products that can be slipped easily into a daily routine. Start giving your skin a fabulous new glow today.

Customer Love for anti-ageing cleanser

“My skin simply glows.”

“I love the Alexandra Johns anti-ageing cleanser! It smells great without being overpowering and my skin simply glows. I finally know what soft, healthy skin should feel like and I’ll never go back to my old routine. I also love that it’s natural and gentle on my face – so easy to use every day.”

Laura Burton
Customer / Queensland

anti-ageing cleanser

Alexandra Johns is the brainchild of an experienced beauty therapist and a doctor. During over 30 years’ involvement in cosmetic medicine, we’ve encountered a great number of patients and clients desperate to improve their skin. But they didn’t know how to begin looking or which products could be trusted. So, we came up with our own solution. Natural, effective Australian skincare including anti-ageing cleanser. And because it’s a self-care range, women can feel radiant every day.

anti-ageing cleanser

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