Beautiful skin that lasts with our natural anti-ageing cream for wrinkles.

Everyone should feel good about their skin, no matter their age. Our anti-ageing cream for wrinkles uses a natural formula that is easy to apply and will leave your skin feeling luscious and healthy.

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Life is simple with Alexandra Johns:

It doesn’t matter if you’re 25 or 65, you need to look after your skin every day. We want you to feel great about your complexion and we’ve created a streamlined system to make that happen. Commit to it and any thoughts of invasive cosmetic procedures will disappear.

Give your skin a luminous glow with our natural anti-ageing cream for wrinkles. Practiced in tandem with the Alexandra Johns ajELESS™ Care Routine, you’ll have a replenished, revitalised complexion in just 10 minutes a day.

Love your skin and be forever youthful with Alexandra Johns™

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anti-ageing cream for wrinkles

Our Ethos


All women have the right to feel beautiful.
It’s easy to neglect our skin when busy lives take over, but our Alexandra Johns anti-ageing cream for wrinkles has been carefully formulated to produce real results without hassle. Enjoy natural, active ingredients in simple to use products that can be slipped easily into a daily routine. Start giving your skin a fabulous new glow today.

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“Love the feel of it on my face!”

“I have been using Alexandra Johns anti-ageing cream for wrinkles and love the feel of it on my face and neck. It has a light cucumber scent which I find very pleasant, and my skin is looking great.”

Debra Cameron
Gold Coast

anti-ageing cream for wrinkles

After more than 30 years working in cosmetic medicine, we decided it was time to help patients achieve great results with a quality product that works. We used our knowledge as a doctor and qualified beauty therapist duo to create a new, natural Australian skincare range through a new endeavour, Alexander Johns. Our anti-ageing cream for wrinkles is a key product in the range, aimed at encouraging skin self-care and enhancing women’s confidence every day.

anti-ageing cream for wrinkles

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